Meet the Team


Francine Meyer – CEO

Co-founder of Action Reprographics, Francine enjoys the challenge of running the shop. Knowing all aspects of the business has become second nature. Francine joined Richard at Action Repro Systems in 1992. Later they opened the doors of Action Reprographics; together.  They made a strong team to launch a small business in the large format printing industry. Francine is dedicated to maintaining the high standards in quality, personal service, premium supplies and technology that has made a solid reputation for Action Reprographics.  Steering the business forward and building on services & products is her goal for the Action Team.

Mark Lawrence – Plant Manager

Mark began his career at Action as an apprentice to Richard back in the 90's. He started at the beginning as Richard used to say," running blueprints" on "Big Bertha" our Ozalid Diazo Printer (long since retired – we don't miss the odor- do you?). Mark has grown with the industry to the Digital age. He is now seasoned on all our equipment, and as we all do, will wear whichever hat that keeps the wheels turning here at Action. . His long time hobby is….guess, of course, BBQ! Mark's an all time grilling guy. Good Hobby to feed a growing guy! Mark's other hobby is teaching youngsters about One Rider Motorcycle Safety at the Local High schools. Of course all that work makes the whole crew hungry so Mark gets to BBQ for a crowd! Got to keep those wheels turning!

Corbin Young – Digital Technician

A TIG welder by trade, Corbin traded his welding torch for printing at Action a few years back. Learning from the Pro, he is now our lead scanner/plotter. Corbin also does the routine maintenance on our equipment to keep it running at top speed.

Miles Meyer – Administration Assistant, Digital Technician

Miles joined Action in 2009.  Miles ismost likely who you'll hear answer the phone, take job orders, assist you in any plan room tasks, print plans & beyond that he's fast becoming an I.T. go-to-guy!  Miles enjoys working with clients and learning the nuts & bolts of the business.

Ebe Amidi - Driver & Project Support

Abe joined Action in Feb of 2010. Abe is a refreshing addition to our crew. Known by most of us for years, he is quick to smile and always has a nice word to all. He is here part-time . If he has a spare minute he's quick to step up to the plate in any area that needs a hand.

Dexter Meyer – Greeter, Moral booster extraordinaire

Dexter, our newest member of the team joined us in Feb, 2010. He came highly recommended by the Milpitas Humane Society, a beautiful facility and well worth the trip. He was born in Aug 2008 (one of the few of us willing to share our DOB). Dexter is of mixed origin; we say Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dachshund, Beagle. He is quick to let us know you’re here and willing to keep you company while you wait for the small jobs. Please don’t hesitate to ask one of us for a treat to give him, if you want to make a lifelong friend.



Dexter is an alumni of HSSV. He highly recommends many of his fellow rescue friends for anyone who has time & space for a bundle of love.