offers a full line of Plotter Supplies & Media. We carry Inkjet & plain paper plotter bond in a variety of roll sizes and media weights. A full line of specialty coated products are also available with a few days turnaround time. We carry a number of inkjet cartridges in house, and can order your specific brand/model cartridges at your request.

We are proud to be an Alvin Dealer. Alvin is one of the largest architectural design suppliers in the country. Their line of Architectural / Engineering / Drafting / Design tools is extensive and can be viewed fully online see You may call or email your order to us. We’ll have it ready for you to pick up in a jiffy.

Media: Ink Jet Bond & Vellum
Plain paper rolls or cut sheets
1000H Drafting Vellum – Plain, Title block, Grid.

Drafting supplies:Plan Measures
Scales - Architect & Metric in a variety of styles. The small 6" scales are great for pockets.
Micro Liners for fine drafting lines
Mechanical Pencils / Leads 3mm, 5mm, 7mm & 9mm
Drawing Pencils / 2mm Leads
Pencil pointers
Pencil sharpeners - Quality blades which can be replaced.
Electric erasers - Yes, we have corded & rechargeable styles
Battery operated erasers
Drafting Tape / Dots
French curves
Flexible Curves for organic shapes
Plan Tubes - various styles & colors
Plan Bags - great for client to use in the rainy season.
Large Plastic Print covers - mountable to job site walls.
Print racks of all sizes & shapes
Drafting Furniture - Desks, Chairs, Lamps, etc.

Please stop in the shop to see our display or shop our catalog.  Feel free to shop online at  . You can call our 650 968-SCAN (650-068-7226) or email us your order.