Our Services

Reprographics is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs with the highest quality work, personal attention to each customer and prompt turnaround time.  We are a “repro shop” with much more to offer.

We here at offer a wide array of services.  Our history and still a very strong area of business is the Large Document department.  We offer Scanning, Archiving& Plotting to begin with.  Our move into the digital era has been exciting.  We are proud to offer high end file management both on & off line.  Our private plan sites make it safe and easy for each of our clients to access their files, verify updates and upload new revisions.  The ease of access has been a hit with clients both near and far.  Our Canon ImagePrograph is the latest addition to the shop.  With amazing detailed results on lightweight media; it is the answer to today’s color need for speed.  Moving forward with the industry into the future of color is Actions' plan.

In additions to LARGE prints we also specialize in high resolution small format color scans & copies.  Our Xerox Digital equipment leads the industry.  We can scan, crop, enlarge, multiply or make banners of your snapshots.  The dpi and original image resolution do effect the enlargements.  You can talk to any one of us here and we can evaluate the original.  When your copies are done; we can mount them on to foam core or gator board for informal display.  We have a great cost effective poster frame if you prefer the finished look.  Laminating or making banners can make a great statement for many meetings, celebrations or recognition of great artwork.

Our graphics department can assist in creating a custom look.  With a logo update, business cards, stationary, office forms -3ply tab tops your business will look professional and polished.  We can work with you to design brochures, design tools and portfolios.

About Action Reprographics

Throughout the decades Action has served Architects, Engineers, Designers, and Builders with superior service and attention to detail. Action Reprographics is dedicated to meeting our client’s needs with high quality work and prompt turnaround time. Action is a registered small business locally owned and operated. The experienced staff at Action has over 40 years serving in the reprographics industry.

Action Reprographics was established by Richard Poll & Francine Meyer in 1993. Richard’s knowledge and expertise in the industry was instrumental establishing Action as a leader in Reprography in our area. With a 20+ year background in finance and customer service, and 10 years working for Action Repro Systems, Francine quickly became skilled at printing and worked side by side with Richard to established Action as a leading Reprographer in our community.

Action is proud of moving forward and expanding our services to meet the broader needs of our clientele. The expansion of our online plan room, electronic file management, color plotting & copying services are just a few options available.Our Services & Supplies pages detail what we currently offer.

  • Online plan room
  • FTP file transfers
  • Large & Small format digital printing
  • Plotting & coping
  • Digital Scanning
  • Email file transfers, conversions
  • Archiving to electronic file
  • Original restoration
  • Screened / Reverse imaging
  • Electronic file manipulation
  • Designated areas
  • File enlargement / reduction
  • File scale change
  • Graphic Design services
  • Specialty media available upon request
  • Posters
  • Banners w/grommets
  • Laminating
  • Poster framing
  • Finishing services
  • Pick-up, Delivery & Shipping
  • Folding / Brochures
  • Color printing